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MiniSting Memory Earth Resistivity and IP Meter

Advanced Geosciences Inc., a world renowned manufacturer of geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems since 1989, realized the need for a single channel, low cost instrument that would meet the needs of a specific market segment. A segment needing a different level of resistivity and IP imaging. Beyond accuracy and versatility, cost is an additional key factor for this group.

The AIG resistivity method was used to develop an affordable mini sting resistivity meter from its already existing Sting R 1 resistivity meter. By implementing a cost effective design with lower cost production methods, they produced the mini sting–ideal for small jobs and offered at an affordable price.

The mini sting single channel, low-cost instrument is ideal for jobs using low manpower as in small companies, for research by an individual scientist, or in a educational environment. Accurate below-ground-level data is still critically important, so access to an outstanding, but affordable, design is crucial.


The mini sting has an array of benefits and utilities such as:

o exceptional equipment at an affordable price
o included detailed instructions manual
o compact size for easy moving and storage
o test resistor
o tough, long-lasting construction
o built-in battery with included battery charger
o measuring both SP (self potential) and IP (induced polarization)
o can be used with both dual mode and smart electrode systems
o an easy-to-follow menu for instant usability by relatively untrained personnel.

The mini effectively does ground-grid testing, soil resistivity testing for erosion control, and then stores recorded data in the internal memory.

In addition, the mini sting works with switch boxes (28, 56, 64, 84, 98 electrode capability) and passive electrode cables. Plus, it also works effectively with AIG’s down hole cables.

It is delivered with Administrator utility software in order to download data and upload command files, plus much more.

Mimi stings are up-to-the-minute systems for both earth and water exploration. The mini sting is rugged, reliable, and accurate. In use around the world delivering accurate information in all types of soils and water, they reveal what is beneath the surface.

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