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Mass Effect Infiltrator

If you like role-playing PC games with an EPIC story ( most of the BioWare games are that way ) and enjoyed playing the Mass Effect games ( say what you will, but even the 3rd one is good, all problems with the ending considered ) then you will most certainly enjoy this game. In case you’re unaware what I meant back there about the ending of Mass Effect 3, let me enlighten you with as few spoilers as possible ( although if you claim I am spoiling it, you’re a complete retard as the game is SO old right now, that even the ones that never played it know what happens ). The Mass Effect games were famous for allowing your choices to be carried on from one game to another. What you did in Mass Effect 1 and what path you chose was reflected in Mass Effect 2 and so on. They botched it at the ending of Mass Effect 3 and made the most horrible mistake ever: they made the TRUE ending DLC ( ONE DOES NOT JUST DO THAT ), meaning that you have to BUY the downloadable content in order to experience the true ending.

But let’s leave that aside, or I risk going on and on about it as that’s a subject I can talk about the whole day. This game doesn’t let you play as the Sheppard you know and love. This game puts you in the shoes of another character with unique features, skills and aptitudes.

Also, I suppose I should warn you: this game looks pretty darn good and has some nice graphics and gaming mechanics. Therefore, it occupies quite a bit of space. To be more exact, it takes up around 450 MB of space.


  • You’re a Cerberus Agent gone rogue
  • Enter a new dimension in Android Gaming
  • Engage enemies with swipe & tap combat
  • It is YOU against an Army
  • Impact your Mass Effect 3 experience


If you’ve never played any of the Mass Effect games, it isn’t recommended that you play this one. There will be a lot of the game that you will not understand.

As the commander is fighting Reapers across the galaxy, veteran Cerberus agent Randall Ezno is procuring aliens for illicit experiments at a secret Cerberus facility. When the director of said facility goes too far, Randall decides to fight back and vows to bring Cerberus down. Therefore, your purpose becomes to escape the base and deliver the information to the Alliance.

The game allows free-roam through the massive exteriors and through a fully-built Cerberus base. It features groundbreaking graphics intensified by the audio. You can also enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Android gameplay. The game features both manual and assisted aim. You will find yourself using the intuitive tap controls for the fast-paced fighting. Fluidly dive and roll to cover with a single swipe. Also, since this is Cerberus you’re fighting, large mechs and victims of twisted experiments are not uncommon. In case the tap-to-aim option ticks you off, you can always disable it in the Options section.

You will be using all the things from the Mass Effect universe, things such as high-tech armor and weapons, biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities and devastating melee attacks. You can upgrade your gear and performance with credits ( they are awarded through a Style system – it gives you more the more flashy and stylish your kills are ). Also, you have access to a bonus Turian mission where you are to escape a medical bay Alive.

The game can also improve your Mass Effect 3 score as you can upload your high-scores and increase your Galactic Readiness in Mass Effect 3, thus increasing the chances of survival of EVERYONE in the final battle of Mass Effect 3.

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