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LG Giving Developers a Shot

If you’re an app developer, do you not find it frustrating that you can only test the apps you create on your own device and any phone you can muster from your friends. Well, there may yet be a solution to help you with that problem – and while it may be a start in finding an answer to a great question, it does come with drawbacks.

The only main drawback is the restriction upon availability of said solution. Let me clarify: only people living in the US and Canada can benefit from this solution to the problem of lacking a phone to test your app. The others, well I guess you’ll have to wait a while longer until either this spreads out more or similar solutions occur.

LG, one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and other devices out there, has decided to help out those developers in need and provide them with one of their phones for a testing period. In essence, if you’re a dev living in those areas previously mentioned, LG can lend you a device to test your apps on for 30 days, after which you’ll have to give it back.

The phones that can be gained through this service are: the LG G2 or the older Optimus G and Optimus G Pro. You can keep either of these phones for up to 30 days to test your apps on as a developer.

If you’re a developer living in the US and Canada who needs something a bit more powerful or somewhat different from what you might own to test your apps, I’ll provide you with the link to register for this service. Just click HERE to go to their page and see for yourself.

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