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iDiots: A Funny Satire that Makes you Think

I like animations and stop motion clips as much as the next person, but rarely do I get to see one that makes me laugh as much as the one I’m about to show you did. While there are some minor exaggerations here and there, but you have to admit it hits quite close to home. I’ll just leave the video here, as what I’m about to say next is related to it ( I recommend watching it before reading on ).

Assuming you watched it, and hoping not too many people were offended by it, there are a few details to be mentioned. Personally, I’ve never owned any device that starts with a small “i”. And before anyone jumps and says that it’s about price, there’s an important factor to mention: it’s mostly about my personal preference. Price is also a factor to take into equation, as the iPhones and iPads are among the most expensive in the world in my country, and also Amazon doesn’t deliver here, and going to the German or UK Amazons will leave as big of a budget hole as buying it locally.

Mainly, I prefer a device that can last ( that’s why I’ll be one of the first individuals to buy a modular phone when they come out ). Also, from all of my friends that owned iPhones, most of them claimed that they felt a great difference in performance each time a new model came out. Comparatively speaking, older phones like the Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S Advance are still quite powerful nowadays, where as not the same can be said about older iPhones.

Ah, but there I go rambling again on one of my rants when this should have been a brief intro to a fun video. I hope you enjoyed it and I will do my share at some points to promote these projects that I find interesting and relevant.

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