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First True Octa-Core Processor

There has been a lot of hype about these processors for Android and how to make them stronger. If you ask me, they’re a bit overkill – as in too strong to be able to be used at their full potential, but that’s just my opinion. Thing is, apparently they’ve managed to develop one that is a tad stronger than the rest. Who, might you ask, is the company behind this breakthrough? Mayhaps you’ve heard of them before for they are known as MediaTek.

MediaTek has now officially announced the world’s first true octa-core processor for mobile devices. The latest SoCs allows all of the eight cores to run at the same time, unlike the implement of Samsung which only permits 4 running at once. As it is to be expected, this processor offers more performance, more power efficiency and an overall improved user efficiency. This processor is said to allocate processing power to different cores per application and per task basis. This is said to give the ultimate multi-tasking experience. This newest addition to the MediaTek SoCs comes with advanced web browsing features that have the unique ability to allocate individual browser tabs to CPU cores.

Another of the features of this new creation is the ability to delegate user input to individual cores and renders 3D effects more smoothly and enhances the user interface. The multi-threaded programming in the processor enables improved video framerate processing which gives superior gaming experiences. Also lastly, the octa-processor has an efficient video playback feature that reduces the battery used for decoding HEVC FHD video by up to 18% when compared to the current quad-core processors. This octa-core processor also provides 20% more frames while on display mode.

Unfortunately, only time will reveal the true specifications and release date of this processor. Here’s hoping it will be as great as the announcement makes it sound.


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