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Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Leaks

Whenever a large manufacturer says they’ll be releasing a new series of tablets in the future, the leakers go hard at work in order to try and bring you said info and specs about those new devices ahead of time. Well, that exactly the case with this device – word has it that Samsung’ll be releasing a new line of ... Read More »

Samsung Simband and SAMI Health Tracker – What to Expect

Fitness tracking on mobile phones seems to be the new trend nowadays. More and more large manufacturers seem to be interested in ways of tracking your health-related items ( Like weight-loss and exercise-progress ) with more and more precision. The Galaxy S5 even had a built-in heart rate monitor, but it would seem that the people at Samsung want to ... Read More »

Motorola Moto E

Today we’ll be taking a look at the┬áMotorola Moto E, otherwise known as one of the cheapest low-budget smartphones you could get ( that’s can also do a thing-or-two and doesn’t run like a brick-phone ). Few people have truly managed the performance of creating something both cheap and good, but Motorola seem to have found the recipe for success. ... Read More »

HTC One Mini 2 Announced

Some would say it was only a matter of time, while others would say that it was something unnecessary, but as is now the tradition, whenever a strong flagship comes out, a Mini version of it is not far behind. So too is the case of the HTC One Mini 2, one that is superior to its predecessor and shares ... Read More »

Galaxy Gear – Switching Android for Tizen

If you’re a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Gear series of devices, know that there will be a few modifications made to them in the nearby future. The Gear was one of the first devices in the smartwatch series of devices ( sure, some will argue that the Pebble was in fact the first, predating it by a few months, ... Read More »

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