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T-Mobile G2

Today we’ll be reviewing the T-Mobile G2. As you can probably already tell by looking at the name, this phone was designed for T-Mobile. I can’t really say what the original name was before it got branded by T-Mobile, but I can assume it was from HTC since its shape is slightly reminiscent of a certain HTC phone I worked with ... Read More »

Pantech Burst

Today we shall be reviewing the Pantech Burst. This phone was created for AT&T and it is a 4G phone. It uses the normal networks we are all used to and on top of that has support for the LTE networks as well. This is a relatively new phone being released in January 2012, so you can have high expectations for ... Read More »

LG Marquee LS855

Today we shall be reviewing the LG Marquee LS855. This phone goes under many different names, It is known as the LG Marquee for Sprint and also as the LG Majestic for US Cellular. This is not a regular GSM phone since it runs with different networks. It won’t work with regular GSM networks world-wide, it only supports CDMA networks. Well ... Read More »

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

Today we shall be reviewing the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, which in some regions is known as the T-Mobil T839 Sidekick 4G. This is a very interesting device, both in how it functions and in aspect. As you can very well see from the image it also has a slide-able part. As opposed to most QWERTY phones, this one doesn’t have a ... Read More »

Samsung M920 Transform

Today we will be reviewing the Samsung M920 Transform. There is a better version to this device out there, the Transform Ultra. But since this is the origin, the device that started all of it and the first step took in the direction of creating that phone, I figured I should review this one first. This device was created for the ... Read More »

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