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Motorola Admiral XT603

Today we shall be reviewing the Motorola Admiral XT603. This is a very interesting phone. It looks great and it is also strong enough for the time it came out. Heck it may even measure up to some devices released nowadays ( although I somewhat doubt it since today you can mostly see devices with more than one core ). The Motorola ... Read More »

LG Enlighten VS700

Today we shall be reviewing the LG Enlighten VS700. This device is not a regular GSM device so it won’t actually function with the normal GSM networks. It was released under a few different names for a few different providers. It is known as the LG Enlighten for Verizon and also as LG Eclipse for Bell Canada. Still, even those accustomed ... Read More »

Samsung Rugby Smart

Today we shall be reviewing the Samsung Rugby Smart. This is a relatively new phone since it came out this year. Also, considering the fact that it came out this year you are allowed to have high expectations for this phone. We shall see if it fits those expectations in the end. The Samsung Rugby Smart was released for AT&T and it ... Read More »

Samsung Charge

Today we shall be reviewing the Samsung Charge. This is yet another 4G phone and you know the drill, it doesn’t really work with normal GSM networks  you are used to. However, service providers can offer such networks as well. This device was made for a service provider called Sprint. I can’t say I’m too familiar with this provider, but then ... Read More »

Samsung Droid Charge I510

Today we shall be reviewing the Samsung Droid Charge I510. This phone was specifically designed for Verizon, that’s why it says Verizon on top of it ( as you can already tell ). The Samsung Droid Charge I510 is known under many names : Samsung SCH-I510, Samsung Inspiration, Samsung Stealth, Samsung Stealth V, Samsung 4G LTE, Samsung Galaxy S Aviator. However, I ... Read More »

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