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MLB Manager 2016 Available Now For Android

Out of the Park Developments, an official licensee of MLB.com, MiLB.com, and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), today announced that MLB Manager 2016 is available now for Android and iOS at Google Play and the Apple App Store, respectively. This exciting mobile game allows players to take control of any MLB team, past or present, and guide it ... Read More »

How Mobile Apps Lead the Way for Gaming on the Go

In the tech world as in life, there are certain universal truths; The new iPhone will always come out just as your typical non-gadget-geek has caught up with the last one, Internet startups will always omit vowels from their name, and there’ll always be that hardcore crowd of early adopters who put the latest tech to work way before the ... Read More »

Android Gaming Apps To Watch For In 2016

Android gaming industry exploded in the past few years. The mobile market is much more rewarding for game creators than PC. Despite the real gamers still want to play a quality full featured game on a computer, there is the rest of the world who is using the computer for work and doesn’t have time to play games. However, with ... Read More »

Hero Academy: Modern Times Chess on Android

It is almost a year since I first tried Hero Academy on my Android phone. After one year, I am still playing it every day and it is still fun. I usually don’t play games, I have other means of relaxing, but from time to time I like to play some little games that does not rape my time and ... Read More »

A selection of great Android apps you should know about!

Every now en then we all start deleting some of those apps we rarely use anyway. And that gives you the opportunity to check out even more new apps, followed by deleting a lot of those apps again. It’s almost a vicious circle. But some apps really stand out and become keepers. These are some lesser known apps that you ... Read More »

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