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This game is really awesome. I suppose most people would enjoy this game if the people playing it were born when I was and had seen the evolution of games from the 2D status to what they are today. If so, and you feel a bit nostalgic, try this game. It is pretty much the same great thing you used to struggle with as a kid, but brought to your favorite Android device.

Official Description :

Terrorists bring many crises,fear,suffering and fury…It’s time to fight back!

Assaulter:War on Terror

The ultimate portable arcade shooter has arrived, featuring a huge arsenal of weapons, upgrades, levels and jaw-dropping graphics.
Terrorists have brought fear, suffering and an endless list of crises on the world.
It’s time to fight back with fury.
Pick up your weapons and complete your missions on battlefronts all over the globe. Defeat the terrorists, no matter the personal cost.
Justice must be done!

You can get this really awesome game from the Android Market.

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