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Samsung’s Profit for Q1

By now we’ve all grown quite used to the astronomical sums that Samsung generally posts in their quarterly reports. However, even they can surprise others by once in a while releasing an even higher figure. Such is the case with the first quarter’s revenue this year. What is even more surprising is what they had to say afterwards. But let ... Read More »

Samsung Owns the Judge

I am unaware whether you remember or not, but a while ago a UK judge ordered Apple ( upon losing the trial ) to post on its website that Samsung did not copy the iPad in any form. Said judge was later not pleased with Apple’s execution of his order and made the company do it yet again, but properly ... Read More »

Samsung: New Record in Q1?

While we were all expecting an exponential growth on Samsung’s side, we can only as a simple question: When will this growth stop? Not that I wish them any harm or anything, but considering that each quarter they establish a new record, one cannot help but wonder when the day in which this growth stagnates will come. The analysts of ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Reverb

The¬†Samsung Galaxy Reverb, also known as the Samsung Galaxy Reverb M950 if you value knowing the full name, is a relatively new Android Phone with mid-ranged components ( well, low ranged components if you compare it with today’s standards ) but comes for a pretty cheap price. In case you’re wondering: how cheap can that said price be, well let ... Read More »

Samsung and Apple going for Wireless Charging

We know for a fact that wireless charging has been around for quite some time now. We were all wowed and amazed when Nokia did it for their phones and wished that we could also do it for ours ( referring now to the ones that don’t really own a Nokia phone ). Well, it seems that soon this will ... Read More »

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