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Every once in a while, when searching the market for any new apps that might spark the interest of a few people, one happens to stumble upon the rare app that seems to be better than the rest. Well, not really better, but a cut above the rabble. I’m talking about finding the app that makes you say: “WOW, look at that app – it offers so much and for such a low price”. This is exactly one of those rare apps. To put it in a few words: it is sort of like a PhotoShop in which you do nothing but draw. If you have a stylus, all the better. A word of the wise, however – don’t get this app if you have a smaller screen on your device. You may end up tiring yourself out a bit too much in that situation.

Normally I try to approach the user response as well in these little reviews / recommendations. However, the user response tends to indicated so much more ( or at least that’s how I see it ) when they say negative things. However, there are nearly no negative things to say about this particular app. The only problem with it that seemed to occur quite a bit was its sudden incompatibility with Kindle Fires. At some point in its life, this app received an update that made it unresponsive with the Kindle Fire, but as far as I know it works just perfectly now.  This is probably one of the smartest buys as this app offers you tons of content for a mere 2 dollars. You will certainly not regret this purchase.


  • This is an easy-to-use drawing app
  • You have a robust and relatively vast set of sketching tools
  • The app has full support for quick importing and exporting
  • SketchBook Mobile offers the ultimate flexibility with up to 12 layers
  • The app has a convenient E-Mail feature which allows you to share your creations.


Be you either a budding artist, a casual doodler or a seasoned sketcher, you will most surely enjoy SketchBook Mobile on your Android device. This app comes from the makers of the popular SktchBook desktop software. It also provides a full-featured drawing app and image studio that lets you follow your artistic bliss wherever you go via your Android device.

With SketchBook Mobile, the screen of your device becomes your canvas. This app provides a surprisingly complete set of professional-grade sketching tools. You will start by selecting from the 40+ brushes, penis, pens and airbrushes as well as an extensive variety of brush characteristics. Many brush settings are there so you can effortlessly adjust your brush’s width to match your creative intent. You can also select the brush’s opacity and choose from a virtually unlimited number of colors, thus letting you find the right shade when you need it.

Want to use a thick red brush for one section but a narrow green pen for another? By allowing you to include all the 12 layers that this app permits, SketchBook Mobile offers you a tremendous amount of creative freedom and control over your work. Each layer you add can be created and edited separately and then you can combine them all into a single image. Every layer can be scaled and / or rotated separately.

Photos from your phone or the SD card can be easily imported into this app so you can edit them manually. For more flexibility, the images you create can be saved on your phone’s SD card or be exported to the PC via E-Mail. With the in-app emailing option you can effortlessly share your creations with your audience. More importantly, the images can be saved as JPEG, PNG or even layered PSD files, thus allowing you to further modify the image with your chosen PC software.

SketchBook Mobile is a surprisingly easy to use app and it doesn’t take a seasoned graphic artist to operate. When launching it, you are given a blank white canvas with a single circular icon at the bottom of the screen. Touching the circle brings up the brush sizes, effects, color palette and so forth. Use the pinch-to-zoom controls to get in close for highly detailed creations. Even a novice will be creating art in a couple of minutes. With this app, nothing needs stop you from using your Android device as a canvas, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes you.

You can get this neat little app from Amazon.

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