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OnePlus One – Coming Out Before Schedule

The OnePlus One, a phone long awaited by some and unheard of by others, has just been recently confirmed to go on sale before the scheduled news. This brings both good and bad consequences which we will discuss in detail. For those of you who don’t know what this phone is, however, it’s proof that something which began as being just a minor thing can grow and become something more.

If I’m being too vague, let me enlighten you – when Cyanogen Mod first came out, not many people had heard of it – it was actually just a thing for those few individuals that liked to tinker with their devices and add custom ROMs. Later it evolved to something most people were using to root their devices and take them to the next level – but who would have thought that they’d eventually get so big as to get their own Cyanogen Android phone coming out – and a great phone at it, too. What’s even more impressive is the fact that they actually paid attention to the feedback received by the fans, hence this release ahead of schedule.

Originally, the phone was supposed to be out somewhere around June. Instead, it will be out somewhere by the end of May – and not only that but there will be some slight modifications since the original announcement. Originally, multiple versions of the phone were announced as far as internal storage goes. OnePlus paid a great deal of attention to the feedback received and decided to put top-priority over the 64 GB model, instead of the defaulted 16 GB model, due in no small part to popular demand.

Now for the bad part – while the release date has been moved to a closer one, it’s a sure thing that stocks will be somewhat limited when the phone comes out. If the demand is indeed as big as people say, then I’d wager that the supply will only be enough to fill that demand by the original announcement date ( somewhere close to mid-June ).

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