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Galaxy Note 3: 10.000 mAh for 60 Dollars

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – a great device that takes up a great amount of space. While this phone had some really nice features in it, there were those that claimed its battery was insufficient. Granted, its 3200 mAh battery wasn’t the biggest battery out there, it did the job and offered a hefty lifespan too ( come to think of it, many testers came close to the result of 75 hours endurance, or an equivalent of: circa 18 hours talk-time, circa 9 hours web-browsing and circa 13 hours video-playback ). Even with a decent battery, some case-makers such as ZeroLemon decided to go forth and create a case that adds 10000 mAh of juice to the device.

Be warned, however, that while the phone may be huge without anything else, once you add that case to it, it’ll become a high-tech BRICK. On the up-side, you’ll get some protection, a ton of extra battery life and a mobile brick ( the number of evil purposes in which a mobile brick can be used is limited only by your imagination ).

On a serious note, let’s talk more about this case. Firstly, it offers NFC connectivity too, despite being quite thick. It comes with a built-in screen protector too. This case also offers Dual-Layer PC+TPU protection against major impacts, and it has some protective tabs for the MicroUSB port, for the 3.55 mm jack and for the Stylus slot. This nifty all-purpose case is also available for a pretty neat price of a mere 60 dollars.

I can see the practical use of this case, however, I can honestly say that its size is quite impractical and more than a minor inconvenience.

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