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Christmas HD

Since Christmas is close by and many humbugers insist on getting into the Christmas Cheer, why not try out this really nice app. It’s a really nice Live Wallpaper that the producers guarantee would work with many phones or tablets.

Gather the family together in a cozy den, in front of a warm crackling fireplace. Your own picture on the mantel is surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, and stockings with your names grace the fireplace. Enjoy a Christmas tree with customizable lights, gifts, and tree topper. Eagerly await Santa’s visit with a calendar that counts down the days until Christmas, and leave cookies and a note for Santa Claus. Gaze out the frost-covered window at a picturesque Winter scene while snow gently falls.

Every part of the scene is fully customizable, including your own photograph on the fireplace, your text on the stockings and the message for Santa. You can choose the color of lights, customize the ornaments, gifts and ribbons, snowflakes, tree topper and so much more. You can even choose to remove the items which you don’t like – it’s all designed in such a way that you’re permited to celebrate Christmas in the way you prefer.

This is a fully 3D app with extraordinary hand-crafted artwork. This particular wallpaper features silky-smooth animations while conserving quite a great deal of battery life.

You can get this really awesome App from the Android Market, among other places.


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