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Today we’ll be reviewing an Android game that I’m sure everybody has heard of. Seriously, who in their right mind has never heard of Frogger. This was the game you used to play as a child – the one in which you have to maneuver a frog to cross the highway without it becoming roadkill. The feedback this game has ... Read More »

The Secret of Grisly Manor

Today we’ll be reviewing a very interesting Android game. This is a classic game in which you have to keep your eyes open for clues and pick up whatever isn’t nailed down to the floor in order to complete any puzzles you may encounter in the future. Judging from the reception this game had, it’s a pretty good game. Sure, ... Read More »

Just Have a Laugh with Funny SMS

They say laughter keeps people healthy and young yet we spend a lot of money visiting the doctor. But now we can get that daily dose of laughter easily through the form of funny sms. This is a service most offered on subscription is available in almost every country at a very affordable cost. The great thing about this service is ... Read More »

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