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Android Takes #1 Spot in USA for Total Subscribers

RIM has been #1 in total smartphone subscribers for a long time in USA. Android has grown from a few percentage points to 31% in a little over a year, even surpassing RIM, which dropped about 5% from a year ago, while Apple remained stable at close to 25%. So what does Android taking leadership mean for RIM and Apple? Read More »

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Is Inadequate Compared to iPad 2

Samsung CEO has just admitted that the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 is inadequate compared to iPad 2, and that they will have to adjust the price downwards since they were planning on making the tablet more expensive even than the first Galaxy Tab, which started at $600. Is Samsung starting to get it? Read More »

Android Takes Top Spot from Symbian

It wasn’t long ago when Garner, the research company, said that by the end of 2014 Symbian will have 31% market share and Android 29%, and predicted that soon after that, Android will surpass Symbian. When they made the prediction Android had 17% market share, while Symbian had 40%. Well, it looks like Android has already surpassed Symbian. Read More »

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