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How to Update Android Apps

There are those who wonder how one updates the owned Android apps on ones device. Most important system dependent Apps update themselves whenever an internet connection is available ( as is default on all Android devices unless you started messing around with the settings and started modifying stuff ). If you got yourself in that jam I just mentioned, you will have to get yourself out as it is never the same Android Devices. Each one is different in its own way.

Also, if you have certain games or apps from the PlayStore that don’t really update themselves, you can try to method below, which was taken from Google’s help page. It pretty much states all the steps you need to take.

You can check for new versions of applications you’ve downloaded by visiting the My apps section of Google Play. Items with a new version available will be labeled Update available.

You can also select apps that you’d like to have update automatically as new versions become available. To do this, visit an app’s details page on Google Play from your Android device and check the box next to Allow automatic updating.

The mentioned method only works for the apps you have from the PlayStore, however. If you’re like me and have apps from sources which aren’t exactly “official” ( or legit, if you take it literally ), you will have to remember where you got said app from and check to see if newer versions exist, then download them manually. Otherwise, you can just stick with the given version and not complain.

I hope this has helped shed some light upon the delicate subject which is updating apps. It’s not as hard as it seems, trust me.

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