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Motorola FlipOut

Today we shall be looking at the Motorola FlipOut. This is a pretty good Android Device although it can’t really be classified as one of the strong ones or even the mediocre ones if you choose to compare it by today’s standards. But making the mistake of comparing the Motorola FlipOut to the newer phones is pretty foolish since the phone made ... Read More »

Gigabyte GSmart G1355

Today we shall be looking at the Gigabyte GSmart G1355. This is a pretty awesome phone with a decent configuration. Some may call it weak by today’s standards but it’s a pretty good phone. Its price is also quite acceptable and if you can get past certain aspects of this phone you’ll really get to like it. You shall see in ... Read More »

LG Viper 4G LTE

Today we shall be taking a look at the LG Viper 4G LTE. This is a pretty decent Android Phone with a sufficiently powerful hardware configuration. What’s quite interesting about it is the fact that it’s a 4G phone from top to bottom. However, there aren’t that many pieces of information floating around the internet about certain features of this ... Read More »

Sony Xperia NEO L

Today we shall be taking a look at the Sony Xperia NEO L, which is also referred to as : Sony MT25i   the Chinese market. This Android phone is quite well balanced. It may not be one of the strongest available, but it isn’t one of the weakest either. I guess you could classify as a bridge phone, or a ... Read More »

Panasonic Eluga

Today we shall be taking a brief look at the Panasonic Eluga. This phone is quite a decent one with good enough hardware specifications and not a bad looker either. The Android OS is good for this phone, not the best, but good enough. What really managed to spark my attention about the Panasonic Eluga is the fact that the makers insist ... Read More »

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