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Samsung Galaxy Light

Today we’ll be taking a brief look at the Samsung Galaxy Light, a relatively average yet very interesting smartphone. First off, this phone is rather limited as far as its availability goes. You can only get it from T-Mobile, so if you live in a country which doesn’t have T-Mobile, it’s better to just stop reading now. You can keep on ... Read More »

Acer Liquid Z3

Today we’ll be taking a quick gander at the Acer Liquid Z3. This phone is also available in the Acer Liquid Z3 Duo format, which as the name suggests, has a Dual-SIM card slot. Both of them have the same features, except for the obvious thing of one of them having support for two SIM cards. Personally, I’m the kind of guy ... Read More »

ZTE Vital N9810

Today we’ll be taking a look at the ZTE Vital N9810 ( we’ll be referring to it as simply the ZTE Vital for short ). The ZTE Vital is a pretty interesting phone, one that we haven’t reviewed in a while. This is one of those special kind of devices that don’t use regular GSM networks, but instead work with those CDMA networks. ... Read More »

Huawei Ascend G700

Today we’ll be taking a brief look at the Huawei Ascend G700. This device is a pretty good one for quite a decent price. This phone has both good and bad points, but overall the good points simply overtake the bad ones and in the end more than over-compensate for them. First off, Huawei is known to release reasonably powerful devices ... Read More »

HTC Butterfly S

Today we’ll be taking a brief look at the HTC Butterfly S. This is one of the newest and strongest smartphones you can get your hands on in this current market. This phone has a TON of interesting features on it and is capable of doing more than a couple of things. It looks great, it functions great and offers a ... Read More »

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