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Android’s Market Share Only 45% by 2016? I Don’t Think So!

Just days ago we had IDC make a prediction for 2015, saying Android will get 45% and WP7 will basically get a 100% conversion from Symbian and a 20% market share by 2015. ABI’s numbers are a bit different but I wouldn’t put money on any of their predictions and I think the market shares will be much different by ... Read More »

Is Motorola Working on a New Mobile OS?

Motorola has been one of the biggest supporters of Android since the very beginning and it has certainly helped them get out of bankruptcy. But as the Android ecosystem is getting more and more competitive, is Motorola thinking of choosing an alternative route to profits? Read More »

Android Takes #1 Spot in USA for Total Subscribers

RIM has been #1 in total smartphone subscribers for a long time in USA. Android has grown from a few percentage points to 31% in a little over a year, even surpassing RIM, which dropped about 5% from a year ago, while Apple remained stable at close to 25%. So what does Android taking leadership mean for RIM and Apple? Read More »

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