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Myriad’s Alien Dalvik VM Is Good News for Everyone

Myriad is an important partner in the Open Handset Alliance, which Google formed to help develop and support the Android platform, and they’ve released a press release today that says they modified the Dalvik virtual machine inside Android, to work on most other mobile operating systems, and they’ve specifically demo’ed it on Meego on an N900 handset. So what does ... Read More »

Honeycomb Gets Fast Boot And Awesome Intro Animation

Matias Duarte and his team have worked for almost a year to improve the design of Android, and I think they did everything they could in this timeframe to make Android not only optimized for tablets and as intuitive as possibe, but also very cool looking. This is very important in making fans love the Android tablets, but it’s even ... Read More »

Android Tablet for Everyone

The tablet industry has gone a long way and this is evidence that people will embrace such technology. In fact the sales are booming for these devices with Apple’s IPad leading the race. Google’s android OS and their tablets will be a major competitor for IPad in 2011, and it is expected that the market dominance by Apple will gradually ... Read More »

Android Takes Top Spot from Symbian

It wasn’t long ago when Garner, the research company, said that by the end of 2014 Symbian will have 31% market share and Android 29%, and predicted that soon after that, Android will surpass Symbian. When they made the prediction Android had 17% market share, while Symbian had 40%. Well, it looks like Android has already surpassed Symbian. Read More »

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