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AndroidPIT: The Greatest Android Community in Europe

While all android fans are looking to United States when they want to find our more about the Android operating system, android phones and other news, the European Android community is in a continuous development. For example, AndroidPIT is a very active android forum with more than 10,000 discussion threads. The website also offers an application center, where you can find more than 6,000 free android apps reviewed and rated by community.

If we talk about a digital product like wordpress, there are no country frontiers, but since the gadgets are hardware then there are many differences between United States and Europe: different price, different versions, different carriers. If you are Europe based and want to find help and read news and reviews targeted to your region, then you should visit AndroidPIT.  On the forums you can find a solution to your Android problem, read news about what is happening in the android industry,  find out how you can root your phone and install a custom rom, and read reviews about apps, phones and other devices.

The part of the website I like the most is the Android app center where I can find new apps and see what others are saying about the apps I am looking at. Since the Android became so popular, a lot of people are developing Android apps nowadays, but only few of them are good enough to worth the time to install, while others have security issues. It is a must to read about an app before you install it on your phone, because it can be buggy, incomplete or making your phone to crash. I can’t enjoy something more than reading a great android application review.

If you are an application developer, you can post your app on the android forums and ask other members to give you feedback and suggestion on how you can improve it.

Why is Android so great ? Because of the community around it. If there were no apps, reviews, news or discussions about Android then he could be only a symbian copy: hard to find apps, hard to find help. Getting involved in an Android community is the best thing you can do to help Android grow.



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