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Android vs iOS

You’ve probably seen thousands of these “VS” articles already, but I’ll try to make this one a bit more “interesting”. We all know that Android has defeated iOS in every possible situation and that the Android devices managed to overtake the “i” stuff so well that they sent them back into last year – literally : the iPhone 4S for example, is 1.5 years behind the times. Apple has actually reached such a poor and sad state in which it can no longer sustain itself by releasing quality products. So in order to keep alive, they started suing every other company that threatens to “dethrone” them. Little does Apple know that it has been dethroned already and is now in the state of the unworthy peasant not even fit to lick the king’s boot. Maybe I am being a bit drastic, but Apple deserves it. Still, leaving my personal grudge behind, here is a short list of why you should always choose Android over iOS.


Now this doesn’t really concern you per say, since you are the one actually losing money. The iOS has proven on way too many occasions to be a money-hungry leech that enjoys leaking off of you and your hard earned money. The price of the “i” merchandise per say is quite enormous and then the continuous payments you make for the applications that catch your eye add up to a whole lot in the long run. I’ve actually heard cases of let’s say : your fellow average Joe is living somewhere like Brazil for instance. For him it would cost 1800 dollars to buy the latest iPhone. Say he were to go to the US since that is the country in which that atrocity was born. He could buy the phone, pay for the trip AND spend two days at a five star motel and not spend more than 1750 dollars. In other words, unless you live in the US, you will probably pay a small fortune for an “i” device. Also, if you plan on getting any apps or games, you’ll pay quite a lot for them. You have the advantage of the first come first served as in : the app first comes out for the iOS, but it can come out free of any charge for the Android. Thus, the iMarket seems to make more money than the Android Market, but then again, if you’re the customer, that’s quite detrimental to you since you’re the one LOSING the said money.


Now many people live with the misconception which states that the iPhone/iPad is much better than all of the rest. All I can say to those people is : Have you been living under a rock or something ? I’ve constantly heard morons say : I’ll get the iPhone 4S since it has a dual core processor. Reality Check : almost all of the Samsung Phones ranging from 2010 till now have a dual core processor. Therefore iFans, your argument is invalid. Let’s see : what else has the iPhone 4S promised ? Ah yes, the SiRi thing, the AI that manages all of your things so that you can afford to kill some brain cells and get dumber by the second. Have the Terminator movies thought us nothing ? Toying with AIs is bad. Still, back to the matter at hand. Soon after the iPhone 4S came out, Apple bought that certain SiRi creation company and closed it down, wiping clean any record whatsoever so that no competitor could get their paws on the “godly” technology which is an AI driven Personal Assistant. Let me remind you : it took that company a few MONTHS to make SiRi. A day later Iris came out ( the opposite of SiRi ). Now you may think the following : Iris ? is it not a copy of SiRi. It may or it may not be – the point of this app was to prove : you could have done better. This app is compatible with most Android devices, it’s FREE, and was built in 8 HOURS. It does almost as much as SiRi does and it is only in Alpha state.

Enough about the software though, let’s talk hardware. Now what Apple hasn’t realized is that while they have spent a few years developing 4 and 1/2 phones and 2 tabs, the rest of the competitors came up with thousands of products, each and every one of them different in one way or the other and each and every one being a bit stronger than Apple’s latest phones/tabs. Thus Apple has failed to impress in the hardware part and was left an year behind of some of the more mediocre phone producers. The best comparison to that would be the race between the rabbit and the turtle. Except in this case, the arrogance of the rabbit(Apple) has managed to turn the turtle into an unstoppable force.

The Sad Part

Now let’s have a look at the sad part of it all. Apple, in it’s ineptitude of overcoming the thick competition and bettering itself, has started suing almost every competitor from almost every country on claims of patent infringement. Oh really? They make products that easily dominate your own and you have the guts of telling those people : you’ve copied out products ? Shame …

A while back there has been a trial to ban the Galaxy Tab in Japan. It was lost. Many other trials continued and they were mostly fights between Samsung and Apple. Apple lost all of those trials( considering that it was Apple that started them, you can imagine how low it has stooped ) and recently it has said something bad about HTC. If you’re familiar with the HTC phones you know that they are quite good and more than powerful. Actually, when the iPhone 4 came out, it had already been surpassed by the HTG Evo 4G. Now Apple suggests they have infringed on their patents by the fact that it can open links or numbers or stuff that come through text messages with the respective app they choose to open them with. Now what Apple says is : this thing has been STOLEN from our products. Not once did they stop to consider : hey wait, this feature already exists in Android phones ever since Android OS v1.5. And what version is it now : 4.0 ? You don’t say. Now what the morons went on and did was interdict imports of HTC phones in the US and t0 enforce a law in which they have to delete that option by April 2012. Unless such an update comes from Google, nothing can be done. And Google will never give in to such outrageous demands made by some incompetent buffoons that can’t even keep up with the products released by Google.

These are the main reasons why I think iOS blows big time. I do believe you would agree with me, otherwise why would you be on an Android website if you weren’t looking for dirt to throw on the competitors. You can deduce from the context who the winner of this competition is.


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