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Motorola Xoom Will have Unlockable/Lockable Bootloader

We’ve talked about before how locking the bootloader is a bad strategy for Motorola because it makes the early adopters and influencers look elsewhere for more open products that they can root and install custom ROM’s on. So now they’ve heard a change of heart, and they’ve decided to offer a way for developer to unlock and lock the bootloader ... Read More »

OUTRAGEOUS: Motorola Xoom to Sell for $800?

Engadget got their hands on a Best Buy ad that although has a couple of spelling errors and the tablet looks more like a 16:9 ratio than 16:10 (too long), it shows a $799 price tag for the Motorola Xoom tablet, along with a mention of the data plans that start at $20 per month for 1 GB and up ... Read More »

Google to Talk about Android Honeycomb on February 2nd

Motorola Xoom will be launched by the end of next month, and Google has already released the Honeycomb Preview SDK so developers can start making changes to their apps, so they work well and look good on the upcoming Honeycomb tablets. But we still know very little about Honeycomb and what’s in it, so Google is inviting everyone to their ... Read More »

Motorola Xoom to Launch on February 17th

It looks like we are getting more and more interesting rumors about the Motorola Xoom lately. The latest one is a document leak that shows that Xoom will be launched on February 17th, which is believable considering that Motorola said the Xoom would come in February. What, I don’t particulary like so much is the rumored $800 price, which seems ... Read More »

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