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USA: Legalize Phone Unlocks

In a country where Kinder Surprise eggs are illegal and you can buy weapons in the supermarket, the very bright government ( well, I shouldn’t really judge as my country is run by morons as well ) decided that the one thing to make illegal that would SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM TERRORISTS or something like that was phone unblocking. Apparently, ... Read More »

HTC – Still Plummeting ?

It seems I have approached this problem many a time, yet it still persists, unfortunately. If I’m boring you with my little pieces of news about HTC, I apologize in advance. I realize some of you may not actually like the company, yet I find that their quick growth and expansion was inspirational, to say the least. It is a ... Read More »

Liquid S – Acer’s First ?

In this day and age, the hybrid between tablet and phone has become quite common. Often dubbed a “Phablet”, Acer has decided that they have gone too long without one and want to build one of their own. At the MWC, Acer showed their Liquid E1 ( but then again, that was announced a month earlier ). Come to think ... Read More »

Clovertrail+ – Intel’s New Atom Mobile Processor

I have mentioned somewhere in the past that Intel was considering building some processors for mobile devices and branding them in the Atom series. Since the Netbooks for which they previously produced the Atom processors were taken off the market, it is good to see that they have decided to expand in another domain. Such initiative is refreshing to behold ... Read More »

HTC: Stagnant or Ever-Falling ?

It’s no big secret that HTC isn’t really doing all that well, and hasn’t really been doing all that well for a while now. They seem to be on an ever-dropping scale and they can’t really seem to take control of the situation no matter what they try. All they can do now is hope for the best with their ... Read More »