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How did the history of apps begin? With ‘the brick’!

Back in 1983 something extraordinary happened. Motorola revealed a piece of futuristic tech they’d be working on in their labs – it was a mobile phone. Weighing in at 2.5 lbs it wasn’t really all that mobile by today’s standards though. With the first mobile phone came the first app. It was a simple but effective contacts app that came ... Read More »

Binary Options Trading Platform for Android

For those who are not familiar with the stock/forex trading, the binary options is a trading option where you can win by correctly predicting if a certain stock or currency will raise or drop above or below a given value. For example, if you predict that at a precise moment, apple stocks will be over $500, then you can buy ... Read More »

Robird – Refreshingly New Twitter client for Android

Twitter has been a service that people in online marketing, Social media Optimizations and celebrities using more frequently. Being a Micro blogging site you can type a tweet here in 140 words. After the emergence of Android there have been plenty of twitter clients for the platform. And many of them have gone viral too. Here to day I will ... Read More »


If you’re anything like me, your common sense would be screaming right now. What it would be saying is: “Why in the world should I pay 6 hard-earned dollars on a calendar app, when I very well have a calendar free-of-charge on my device?”. Ah, that is the beauty of this app, however. It is not a mere overpriced calendar. ... Read More »

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