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Duke Nukem 3D

If you’ve played the nineties PC version of this game, then you know what it’s about. And ofcourse you’ve played that version of the old game. It was the basis on which all the fun shooters were made. After 12 years since the release of this game, they released a sequel. That sequel wasn’t actually that good since the tastes ... Read More »


The name of this game says it all … If  you have never heard of it, here’s the short story : this is the best game ever, you MUST play it. If you’ve never played this game before, you don’t deserve to call yourself a human being. This is a better looking version of the old game you used to ... Read More »


This is a perfect third person game for all of the people fascinated with the genre. This game has extremely good graphics but demands quite a potent GPU card : it was made with the Tegra 2 in mind, as a matter of fact. If you think your GPU is at least as good as that, be sure to check ... Read More »

Angry Birds Seasons

This couldn’t possibly call itself an Android website, without Android’s prime representative : Angry Birds. Angry Birds Seasons is the always updating version of the Angry Birds game, in which everything changes. You have Easter settings, Christmas levels, Summer stuff etc. This version is the Halloween one. I guess I should have done this earlier, but better late than never ... Read More »

Virtual City Playground

This is a great game if you enjoy the Facebook type games in which you build a city and you constantly keep an eye out for the citizens and stuff like that. I personally HATE this kind of games, but there are tons of people out there that just can’t get enough of them. There used to be that thing ... Read More »

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