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HTC Explorer Preview

  HTC is well known for its high advances in the Smartphone industry. In a short time, they have risen to the tops quite quickly. And with good reasons too. I mean all of these phones have so far shown great potential. Although it was announced in September 2011, nobody truly knows for sure when this Smartphone is going to ... Read More »

Motorola DEFY+ Preview

I actually haven’t heard of too many good Motorola phones lately. Probably because it isn’t actually that popular in my country so it kind of fell into the pools of obsolescence and it was forgotten by the masses. Well out of curiosity I got to search for some and was pleasantly surprised to find out it is still kicking and ... Read More »

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Preview

Sony Ericsson has really outdone itself with the whole Xperia series. They have created a masterpiece of the Xperia series now. It is both a masterpiece in looks and aspect and in its functionality. It was announced in August and was expected to come out in September. Since it didn’t come out this month though, it means that it will ... Read More »

HTC Raider 4G Preview

HTC is really on a streak now. A winning streak … I mean, how could they fail when they say they will have such good products such as this little marvel of modern technology. The people that appreciate the finer points of style in a phone and consider it to be nicer when it isn’t overloaded with all sorts of ... Read More »

HTC Amaze 4G

HTC has certainly outdone itself with all the new models of Smartphones they are releasing or announcing. Take this one for example. The HTC Amaze 4G. Now this phone does exactly as its name suggests. It doesn’t fail to amaze and is quite a powerful device. Heck, these Smartphones that are coming out nowadays are actually much stronger than some ... Read More »