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A better android market for applications and games

Lately, a lot of Android users are frustrated by the quality of the Android Market. While the quality of the applications overpassed the ones that are created for iPhone, there are still a lot of people that are unsatisfied by official app marketplace. In this article, first I will analyze the reasons why people are unhappy using Android Market, then ... Read More »

Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4S

You’ve probably seen such comparisons before, but I hope to make this one different. The reason why I chose these two particular devices is the fact that they are both the latest devices from the two most powerful titans around. We all know how Apple has been fighting Samsung for a while and how Apple used to be the best ... Read More »

Leaking Ice Cream Sandwich

The Internet is buzzing as this new video hits the fan. This short video below is a quick preview of the Ice Cream Sandwich or the 2.4 android OS. Apparently the OS was already installed on a Nexus S bought of eBay, or so the user said. Now naturally, if you had that on your Smartphone, you’d want to make ... Read More »

Xperia NEO to get something early

Although most Android OS v2.3.4 are scheduled to be released in October, some seem to have been blessed more than others. Sony for example, has decided they want to surprise everybody and release it a bit sooner than announced. The first one to benefit from this generosity is the Xperia NEO (others will be getting it soon as well). The update brings ... Read More »

Google is to aid Intel in their struggle

By the end of 2012 Intel chips will be found on SmartPhones as well. Now being the largest and proudest of the PC processor producers, that’s not a hard feat for them. However some problems have been found anyway. So who better suited to lend them a hand ? Why the best operating system for smartphones of course. Google has ... Read More »

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